Jonathan, Arboriculture Level 3

Meet Jonathan, Arboriculture Level 3 Student. Jonathan shares how his course has helped him secure a job straight out of college.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m currently doing the Level 3 Arboriculture course, and I also play a bit of hockey on the side. I decided to go to Merrist Wood because it’s the most local college to me and it’s the easiest to get to. Before college, I did some work experience with a few tree surgeons. I worked with them outdoors and I realised how much I liked that environment. That’s why I chose to follow this career path. 

What’s your experience been like studying Arboriculture at Merrist Wood?

I get on really well with all the teachers so it’s always nice to look forward to classes every day. We started learning about tree law, which is something I have found really interesting so far.  

There’s always something different to do. The practical work is so fun. We’ve done climbing, chainsaw maintenance, wooding clearance, using chippers, driving tractors. That kind of stuff. 

I definitely recommend the course, it’s good to be in a couple days a week. It’s pretty sociable and the kit you get to use is really good. You can tell the tutors help us all the best they can. I feel like I can easily ask questions and get 1-1 support. 

How is the course helping you with your future job opportunities?

It’s given us opportunities to learn stuff that we wouldn’t be able to learn at work. For example, I would never get the opportunity to use tractors and that kind of kit at work.  

The course has given us more of the industry experience and qualifications we need.  

We have to do 150 hours minimum work experience as well. I started work experience last January for a Tree Surgeon company in Dorking and I still work for them now. I think I made a good first impression and they kept me on.  

There’s definitely a full-time job for me after I finish college! 

What are your ambitions for the future? Have you applied to University?

I’m hoping to be back to do the Level 4 Arboriculture course at some point. After that I want to go travelling and working at the same time. Then set up my own business up which I hope will be successful.