Craig, Gardening Level 1

Meet Craig, Gardening Level 1 student, Craig joined us at Merrist Wood for a new start and is thriving in an outdoors environment.


Can you tell us about yourself and how you ended up doing Gardening course at Merrist Wood?

I like being outdoors and I really enjoy helping people, if there’s any work that needs to be done, I will do it straight away. I feel like I have a natural skill for gardening as well so it made sense for me to choose this course.

I actually went to another college before going to Merrist Wood but that didn’t work out. Luckily, a friend told me about Merrist Wood and it made me really wonder what it was like, so I came to visit and realised how great it was.

It’s my second year here now, before this I did both animal management and gardening. It was good to try different subject areas to see what I enjoy.

What has your experience been like so far studying Gardening at Merrist Wood?

I like the gardening course because you have a variety of things to do. My experience has been great so far. I’m always outdoors and I’m having fun at the same time.

I’m learning more about nature and what kind of plants there are. It’s also really great having support at one click of a button. I love the college and I’m really keen to make the most of out of my time here.

I enjoy every bit of it, everything that goes on. It’s a great place, it’s top of the top. I look forward to my work, getting things done and feeling productive. I love being hard-working.

How is your course helping you with what you want to do in the future?

It’s making me realise that there’s different kind of jobs in gardening.

I’m a very hands-on type of person and all the experience I’m getting is helping me work towards my goal of working on real gardens.

There’s a variety of different work, like weeding, planting, seeding, a lot of things. It’s pretty much endless. I’m always improving my skills here and I’m sure there will be many different workplaces I could go to afterwards to do gardening.

My aim is to move onto the Level 2 course after this year and now I know I want to do landscaping in the future as a job.

What advice do you have for students who are thinking of applying to do Gardening?

Do your best and don’t give up!