Students’ Union

Join the Students' Union for your chance to take part in some great activities and get some fantastic offers.

Merrist Wood College Student Union

The Students’ Union help support and create the student experience from running events to having meetings with staff to discuss changes for the student body to make an impact.

There is a committee of students on each campus that form the SU. Within the committee there are lots of roles and they are responsible for improving college life by:

  • Organising fun events for you to make new friends and get to know people
  • Setting up clubs and societies you can participate in
  • Providing student mentoring opportunities
  • Liaising with academic staff to make sure you are supported
  • Arranging Learner Voice forums so you can get involved in helping shape student experience

You can tell which students are in the SU because they have an orange lanyard!

The SU committee meet each week to discuss current issues, develop their campaigns and plan their events. If you don’t want to be part of the committee, you can still get involved by attending the meetings so you can let your voice be heard!