Supporting students to achieve this term

A message for parents and guardians from Cheri Ashby, Deputy Chief Executive, Activate Learning.

I hope you are well and that your young person is settling in on campus, in what promises to be an exciting term, with lots of opportunities to learn, develop and take part in wider enrichment activities.

I wanted to take some time to remind you about the importance of student attendance. We are now a third of the way through the academic year, and it is important to bear in mind that the higher your young person’s attendance is, the better their chances of success will be at achieving their qualifications.

If your son or daughter has been attending well, please encourage them to keep it up.

If they haven’t been turning up to their lessons as much as they would like to, it’s not too late for them to make a difference to their learning journey! Our campuses are welcoming, safe and vibrant spaces and we want to give all our students the very best chance of success by encouraging them to learn at their best.

Please remind your young person to turn up to all their lessons on time and ready to learn, so that they won’t be missing any crucial skills development, subject content and they will be able to complete their important assessments on time. Low attendance might affect your young person’s opportunity to progress to the next level.

Support is available for any students who need it. Please encourage your son or daughter to talk to their teacher or to a member of our Safeguarding team if we can be of any help during their time with us.

We want all our students to enjoy their time at college and be successful on their career pathway.