Enzo, Equine Management Level 3

Meet Enzo, Equine Management Level 3 Student. Enzo shares how doing such a varied course has helped him realise what he most enjoys.


Why did you decide to come to Merrist Wood college?

Merrist Wood College is the most convenient option for me as I live in Guildford so it’s not very far. I haven’t actually been into horses that long. I discovered that it was a career option for me when I volunteered at a local yard a couple years ago, just to try something different. Turns out I really enjoyed it!

What is it like studying Equine Management?

We do a lot of riding in the arena which is huge and has lots of space. As well as caring, feeding and learning about the anatomy of horses.

We also learn about how to perform health checks like checking temperature, respiration rates as well as worming and medication. It’s quite challenging the first few times, but it gets easier with practice.

You get to experience a bit of everything, and I think that will definitely help when I get a job in the future.

Have you done any work experience, and do you know what you would like to do in the future?

I actually did some work experience in a stables in London, where I was responsible for many different tasks like helping out around the yard, tacking up, grooming horses, getting them ready to ride. I think it was really good for me since it helped me gain new insights into how different yards work.

The horses are great here, and the teachers have been really encouraging.

I would really like to go into racing, and if that doesn’t work out then maybe, caring for rescue horses and working in horse sanctuaries.

Any advice for students applying to do your course?

Go for it! Even if you don’t know what to do with horses – you’ll know by the end because we cover everything.